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Piston Details » Piston Cylinder Notes
A. For 74-78mm strokes. Spacers must be used and pistons may need to be clearanced at pin boss. If low CR is to be used with the 78 stoke crank it is best to use the 82 stroke P/C sets to achieve the extra deck needed.

B. Use GB 063-060 through GB 063-400 spacers and GB 064-007 through GB 064-010 for longer strokes. Pistons may need to be clearanced at pin boss.

C. Use GB 061-060 through GB 061-400 spacers and GB 066-007 through GB 066-010 shims for longer strokes. Pistons may need to be clearanced at pin boss with some stroke/rod combinations.

D. Pin boss area requires clearancing with 78mm VW, 82mm or larger stroke crank with Porsche 5.352" rods and possibly with other longer stroke cranks and rod combinations.

E. Bore case and heads to install cylinders.

F. Cylinder requires rod cap and nut clearancing with some longer stroke rod combinations such as 84/86mm stroke.

G. These may have 2/2/4.75 dependent upon Cima.

H. Sold only with complete engine kits at time of sale.

Note 1: All P/C sets include, 4 pistons, cylinders, OEM ring sets, wrist pins, GB 203 pin keepers and Berg copyrighted piston/cylinder, and ring installation instructions that tell you how to prepare the P/C's, install the rings and what oil to use.

FYI: Cima and Mahle are the same company, just different boxes.


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