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Longer Case Life With # 3 Bearing Conversion » Longer Case Life With # 3 Bearing Conversion - Technical Tip
To provide a longer stroker crank that has more strength than the stock VW forging or any other after market forged crankshaft; the 411 center main journal is required. For that reason all of the "Berg" forged cranks are made with the 411 center main to provide a stronger cross sectional area at the center journal. To maintain proper case strength, I use a special adapter bearing (GB 157) that fits the stock case and this larger crankshaft main journal. It is a steel backed bearing, as was the one it replaced, leaving the regular (steel back) split #2 main bearing as an extra.

Gary, has been installing these split #2 bearings in the #3 location for years on all engines that use a 411 center main bearing crankshaft, having the round #3 bearing as the leftover. This requires adding a dowel hole in the other half of most cases at the #3 location so it will accept the dowel. A few cases have this dowel hole from the factory, but it is likely you will need to add the hole. Gary made a drill fixture by drilling through the pin hole in an old #2 split bearing, installing that bearing in the case and drilling a pin hole about a 1/4" deep into the case at the #3 location. Extremely simple!

This provides much stronger case and crankshaft support when using the split steel backed bearings in both #2 and #3 locations. Further, it is no longer necessary to remove or replace the cam/distributor drive gears from the crankshaft when working on the engine or changing main bearings. See LA CASE030 for adding dowel hole.


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