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We issue an invoice on each sale and provide instructions for every product we sell which requires them. To provide the best and fastest service to you we require that you keep every one of our documents together in one place for future reference. This provides four things:

1. All of our instructions and invoice numbers together should you need them for reference or help at a later time.

2. All of our instructions will be at hand. So, you do not need to call us asking a question that is already covered in that instruction, which we have already provided you.

3. You will have all of the invoice numbers, dates of sales and part numbers so we can properly assist you.

In this way we are all riding the horse in the same direction, eliminating wasted time trying to figure out what you have or do not have or if it really is ours. Without this information it is impossible for us to assist you.

4. If and when you ever sell our product(s) you can prove they are genuine Gene Berg parts and demand a premium price over anyone else's products. You can (and I strongly request that you do so) provide the buyer with copies or with the original Berg invoices and instructions so they can continue to receive our support. Without the invoice information we will not assist them. We will refer them back to you for the information.

Note: We continually have calls from people claiming to have our parts (who have purchased little or nothing from us). Without the proper invoice, customer number, part numbers and date of sale up front, we can only assume that the merchandise is not ours and will not provide any technical assistance. Do not ask unless you have this information at the time you call.


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