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How To Know When Your Engine Is Hot. » Berg Oil Temperature Dipsticks
An inexpensive way to check temperature in sedan, Type III with a universal case that has the sedan dip stick tube in it and bus (up to 1972 bus engines). Just hook up a single wire to the oil light terminal at the engine. Lights oil indicator at 220F to 225F. Does not have oil level markings. Customers can add marks if so desired. Made in the USA. SW 2#

GB 227 Oil temperature measuring dipstick for Type I sedan and bus to 1972.

GB 227A 1/8" NPT Shorty temperature sender.

Yes, many people do know the value of our GB 227 temperature dip stick, but have wanted to install it in other locations so I now offer this same type of device in a shorty (2" overall length) with a 1/8" pipe fitting silver soldered to the tube. It can be installed any place a 1/8" pipe thread is present with at least 1" behind it, in the filter line, block, sump, etc., and hooks up just like our GB 227. The most common place to drill and tap is in the area that the Type III oil filler is attached. In that way it is out of the air stream and in a location that provides proper access to the oil.

GB 227P Type III oil filler block plate we have plated drilled and tapped for the 1/8" NPT to accept GB 227A.

GB 228 For 1972-1979 bus with 411 type engine.

GB 229 914 Porsche 4 cylinder.


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