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About Us » Tested Parts Only
Please remember that we can buy anything others offer and sell it to you at a profit. But, is this really fair to you? We don't think so! We believe we must provide tested parts which we know work right, even under adverse conditions so the person we sell it to can make it work properly.

Our commitment requires high standards of reliability, performance and ease of tuning, rather than seeking the quickest or highest profits. Our products provide years of proven service. Yes, there are many combinations of products on the market that will work and run. However, our tests are conducted to the maximum usage limits and must provide proper fit, function, life, and dollar value, every time. It is commonly known that even poor quality parts run under ideal conditions and will live for a reasonable length of time. Our concern was when we realized that only a few of you were capable of knowing whether what you had was now being used under an ideal condition or capable of determining if you are getting the full dollar value for the money you have spent. Our testing has removed this gamble from the consumer, providing as much as 100% better than stock life. This has provided the highest resale value in the market place for Berg parts. We have been around from the start and intend to continue this committed, uncompromising service to VW enthusiasts for many, many years in the future.

If we won't use it in our own cars, we won't sell it to you without telling you so. We have seven test Volkswagens driven daily, plus three racecars, and we continually work with VW enthusiasts and shops worldwide who report their test results and needs to us. Research, development, and testing is our job, not yours. Get proven parts that provide the best buys on the market today and produce the results the first time. No one else in the VW business can provide this today except Gene Berg.


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