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About Us » How You Can Produce Satisfactory Results

Our first suggestion is that you completely read every page of our catalog, current newsletter(s) and price sheets, cover to cover. Other critical supplemental information is available under GB 800 and 801 part numbers. The Berg copyright technical articles offer critical information simply not available from others. The exclusive book of copyrighted instructions demonstrates the support we provide our customers (on our products) that no one else has yet to offer. We assert that these and the appropriate Bentley shop manual are mandatory reading before any project is started or any parts are purchased from anyone, regardless of who you decide to buy from. Education provides you with the ability to make intelligent choices in any project. We have spent a tremendous amount of time (from 1956) and hundreds of thousands of dollars making this required information available to you, so you can produce satisfactory results every time, the first time. We find it counter-productive to re-discuss questions and answers that have already been printed for YOU to read. If you do not understand our catalog or information, before you call, get a more knowledgeable friend to assist you, maybe even have another person read it to you if that's what it takes to understand it. If you simply cannot find the answer to your technical questions and intend to purchase the items from us, feel free to call. When you are ready to place the order or if you are doing a complete engine, it is strongly recommended you use our GBS kits as a basis for your project.

We Sincerely Want To Help You.

Remember, we are here to help you select the best possible equipment for your application and to show you how to buy parts which will be the most economical in the long run. We know the correct combinations you must use to get the most all around usable power, reliability and highest dollar value for what you spend. We know what provides the highest resale value after years of use on your daily driven street cars. We want you to get the best gas mileage and assist you in making your VW more reliable than it was in its stock form. If you want the most horsepower for racing, we can help you on that score. Mrs. Berg (Dee), Kathie (our office manager), or Tim (our parts manager), can assist you with this information at the time you place your order. If they can't, they are dedicated to finding the correct answer for you. We can trouble shoot problems on parts we have sold because we have tested them and know how to make them work properly.

We will not take the time to figure out the problems you may have with parts you obtained elsewhere, so please, don't ask, call the people you got the parts from in the first place! That way we will both be happier.

Our commitment is in serving our customers to the best of our ability. In the past, we spent a large portion of our days answering phone calls, letters and making recommendations of appropriate combinations for each person's needs, even when not ordering. It was said that we were the only company in today's VW product market place capable of offering this personal technical assistance and knowledge to our customers. It is unfortunate that what was intended as a service to our paying customers turned into many, many hours a day of free technical help to people who intended to purchase their parts from someone else or had already bought them elsewhere. This was unfair to us and our paying customers. It is now mandatory that we screen all calls to determine your intentions. Please DO NOT get upset when we will not help you, or will not answer your questions regarding parts you intend to buy from someone else, or have bought from someone else, and want to make work or fit. Ask the people who have or will be selling them to you.

We cannot help you under those circumstances and you may think that is rude, regardless, we are committed to serving our paying customers.


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