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About Us » Looking for Something Not In Our Catalog?

We specialize in research and development exclusively for the engine and transaxle parts for the Type I, upright Type II, and pancake Type III engines. Primarily for everyday street use and longevity. We do not sell parts for any other type VWs other than our shifters. Please be clear that a 1972 (and later USA version) bus is a Type II vehicle with a Type IV pancake engine and we do not have any items for these vehicles, nor have any information on them or the engines.

We now carry many other supporting parts for the early VW Type I, II (upright engine) and III. We do not always stock many of the parts, however, can usually ship in a day or two from one of our different suppliers. This will take a couple extra days and possibly an extra phone call because we will need to call two to four suppliers to first get you prices and then your parts order after you have OK'd the price.

From our testing program we have the information about practically every product made. If you don't find something you need for your engine or transaxle, please ask. We may not sell some items because they do not offer the best dollar value, do not work properly, or they last so long that not many folks needed them.

We continually add stock parts that are most often asked for which meet our standards. These will be listed in our next price sheet(s). Always check our latest price sheet or special flyers before ordering or asking.

We are adding many genuine VW parts that most dealers do not or will not carry any longer and/or will not special order for you. If your dealer will not get what you want, we will special order (at the time we place our regular order) what you need if it is available from our distributor. Naturally, we will require a deposit for the item and in some cases full payment is required in advance.

Other stock replacement and high performance parts may be available even though they are not listed, such as Bugpack, so please inquire. We may be able to supply your needs and save you money or let you know from our experience and testing why we don't use those parts (and save you from wasting your money on it as we did to find out). We keep track of "asked" for items and if we get enough requests for a product, which meets our standards, we add it to our product line. Please write or call.


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