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About Us » A Powerful Tool

Our catalog and newsletters/Technical Tips are extremely powerful tools. Reading them cover to cover will empower even a novice to make intelligent choices. Further, we have compiled technical articles on subjects that are the most often asked about to further your education (see GB 801). We have spent thousands of hours and well into the six figures to date, in providing this information for our customers. It is the most current and honest data available on the planet dealing with the air-cooled VW.

It is not productive for us to continually re-answer the same questions that are already covered in our catalog and other literature. Doing so keeps us from providing the best possible service to you. This time is better spent moving ahead and contributing even more information and products to the industry, such as newsletters, technical tips, catalogs, and GB 801 technical articles.

Our agreement with you is that you read our catalog, newsletters, and price list cover to cover. We will not re-answer questions already covered in this literature. Only in this way can we continue providing this critical information. If a question arises pertaining to a subject matter covered in our Berg copyrighted GB 801 technical articles, your agreement with us is to first purchase and read them completely (except when you are placing an order). Very likely your question has already been answered in these articles. We also offer our GB 800 copyrighted Book of Instructions (GB 801-SET includes both publications that will provide installation tips on the products we sell and demonstrates the support we offer.) No one else can make this claim.


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