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Location: Home » Catalog » Electrical Parts » Pro Control

Pro Control

    Designed for a single RPM related function, such as rev control or shift lite activator. Works with the Stinger electronic ignition and GB 622 distributor.
    When used as rev control it allows the engine to run with 100% power to the set point and then interrupts (shuts off) the power to the ignition. When the engine drops below the set RPM it is restored to full power. This function is NOT to be used for shift points. It is to protect the engine in the event of a missed shift or trans failure.
    When used for a shift light, it lights the light at the set point to notify you that it is time to shift.
    Note: Both Stinger and Bosch 009 are wired by the standard ignition diagram.
    Warning: Do not have an engine failure due to a poor quality tachometer. Just because it may have a famous brand name does not assure you that it is accurate or fast enough for the VW like these are. Remember, if others were as good I would be selling them.

     Product Name   Description   MSRP Price   Our Price+   Cash Price 
     GB 636  Pro rev control for (GB 634) distributor and electronic ignitions. SW 4# AUTO METER 5301   $255.10   $199.50   $199.50 
     GB 636A  Pro control for (GB 635) magneto. SW 4# AUTO METER 5302   $262.75   $191.10   $183.75 
     GB 637  5" Monster tach for distributors and electronic ignitions. SW 5#   $232.45   $169.05   $162.55 
     GB 637A  Monster tach magnetometer SW 5#   $321.75   $234.00   $225.00 
     GB 638  Pro light. Light can be used for shift light or oil pressure warning. Some people have 3 Pro lights on their tachs; one hooked to a 15 PSI switch, one to a stock oil pressure switch and another to a Pro control rev limiter.   $64.50   $46.90   $45.10 
     GB 638A  15 PSI oil pressure switch. Comes on when oil pressure drops below 15 PSI.   $30.95   $22.52   $21.65 
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