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Transaxle and Engine Mounts Solid and Rubber

    All race applications require solid mounting to provide proper securement of the gear box and to prevent nose cone breakage. Without the gear box being solid mounted and the engine supported properly at the rear of the engine, the car will have wheel hop. Another thing that few people realize is that if any of the swingaxle transaxle is allowed to move it affects the alignment of the rear suspension. Properly securing the gear box is critical to having a safe car and to not needlessly break parts. Without the engine being supported with a proper size/wall thickness traction bar to support the engine the frame horns will start to flex and bend, soon causing an out of alignment condition in the rear of the car.
    Warning: Never solid mount a normal driven street car. First, it is extremely noisy and could transfer so much vibration throughout the car that all of the nuts and bolts would start falling off the car. I have had the oil cooler fall off or crack from this vibration in as little as 3000 miles. See Berg mounts for proper rubber mounting.
    Note: We do not sell or recommend strap type mounts for the VW trans as they do not provide adequate support. Berg mounts do the job properly without causing other damage or a false sense of doing the job.
    Note: GB 640B can be used on 002 or 091 bus gear boxes with the stock intermediate housing, however you will need to grind clearance around the 4 mounting holes on this mount to clear either the 002 or the 091 intermediate housing in that area. The 091 requires more clearancing.

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