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Stock Genuine HD Replacement Mounts

    Firmer (HD) than the normal factory sedan rubber that came in the car from the factory. SW 2# ea.
    36 HP to 1964 8mm nose cone mounts are no longer offered. What is required is to drill the shift housing to accept two 10mm mounting studs and use the mount below. You will also need two special 15mm nuts (GB 642NUT) with 10mm threads and two spring washers (GB 642SW).
    GB 642L - GB 642P-R are replacement mounts for 1303 bugs from Aug. 1972 (1973 model year on) chassis 133-2000-001-on.
    Note: On the late cars many people would rather have a firmer rubber mount like GB 642P. This is accomplished by getting the early cradle type mount, two GB 642P and converting it back to the early mount system with the stock early cradle. This is mandatory if you have a high performance engine in a late car.

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