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Berg Extractor Systems

    Unfortunately, our 1-3/8" systems are not available at this time. We will add pricing as soon as these systems are back in stock. We offer the largest selection and combinations of air cooled VW exhausts that work properly. These are not "fits all" systems as you can see from the wide variety. These are not just headers. Pipe and collector sizes are engineered for maximum power throughout the RPM range. All the fresh air heater types have steel heat tubes permanently attached to ensure lasting heat. No loose tubes to fall off. We use the Berg developed quiet muffler rather than power losing glass packs, 4 pipe type or Turbo designs. All mufflers supported with sturdy bolt on mounting brackets. Kits come with extractor, quiet muffler, 3 hole gasket and additional nuts and bolts to install. For factory installation kits see GB 929B or GB 929C. Made in the USA.
    If you will be having any exhaust system coated or treated in any way we suggest you install the unit on the vehicle to be assured the system has the proper fit. Once the exhaust has been modified and a problem is then discovered, we will not accept the unit for a refund or replacement.
    Note 1: To order just the extractor header part, add H to part number, example GB 903H (exceptions are; GB 907 uses GB 903H and GB 908 uses GB 912H).
    Note 2: We don't drill the heat risers or EGR holes. Many of our customers want them blocked. Drive an awl or drill through the holes to open them if you are using a single carb and want them to warm your manifold the same as the stock muffler did. Header only SW 20#, header and single muffler SW 24# set, header and dual mufflers SW 48#, single muffler SW 14#, dual mufflers SW 23#, dual merge SW 27#.

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