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Wheelie Bars

    Berg wheelie bars bolt directly to the frame horns of any VW chassis. These will not unload the chassis like the spring plate mounted style does. Bars are fully adjustable. Simple installation with copyrighted instructions. Exclusive Berg mount bolts to end of the frame horns and doubles as the trans solid mount to strengthen the frame horns, requires drilling four additional 1/4" holes to bolt it to the frame horn lip. Features quick pins to remove the bars from the frame horn mount providing rapid on/off for engine in and out, or loading the car on the trailer. Can be removed in less than two minutes.
    Users report lower and more consistent ET's. They can now concentrate on the starting lights and driving the car the same on every run. Made in the USA. These have been fitted on chassis from 1956-on. Before 1956 may require that you do some minor modifications to the mount or frame horns. With large tube exhausts such as GB 934 through GB 936, the left box tubing mount must be heated and dimpled to clear. Requires cutting of the rear apron on some cars. Some traction bars (GB 645) will possibly require a spacer to clear the exhaust and go between the wheelie bars. Not for street use.
    See mounts section for other Berg Wheelie bar mounts.

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