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    The 1972 VW factory bulletin states that paper gaskets are no longer to be used under the cylinders. You are to use an RTV type sealer in place of the gasket. If you use spacers under the cylinders, install the spacer and RTV the spacer to the cylinder and case.
    Further, the same bulletin states that the head nut washers inside the valve cover area are also to be sealed with the same sealer. Install the RTV to the washer in a good enough layer to seal the washer to the head and to the stud at the same time.
    Many quality engine builders take a small amount of RTV on their fingers and wipe a thin layer on each side of paper gaskets, such as oil strainer, oil pump gasket etc. Make sure you do not clog the machined ring in the oil pump body. It is there to stop full oil pressure from being exerted on the gasket. When the engine is running the suction side of the gears pull oil from this ring back into the intake side of the pump.

     Product Name   Description   MSRP Price   Our Price+   Cash Price 
     GB 9000A  BLACK ULTRA RTV SILICONE 3oz   $15.13   $11.95   $11.95 
     GB 9000B  Permatex silicone (RTV) blue high temp, nose applicator 3 oz.   $14.13   $9.95   $9.95 
     GB 9005  High temp Permatex for pulley degree rings. 0.70oz We offer a re-ring service under LA PUL020 for $25 (incl degree ring), and an extra $20 for a polish/plate (only available when we have other items to plate).   $50.05   $35.00   $35.00 
     GB 9010  Aviation Permatex 3H 4fl   $20.00   $14.95   $14.95 
     GB 9020  Loctite or Henkel sleeve retainer, 10cc. For gland nut, pulley bolt, case inserts, rod bolt/nut, bolts/nuts, guide OD etc. Strongest grade. Green in color. I highly recommend this grade over any other color as they are all color coded as to holding power. Red or Blue have far less holding power.   $0.00   $0.00   $0.00 
     GB 9020A  .50cc high-strength Loctite thread lock. Two of these should do a complete engine.   $4.40   $2.75   $2.75 
     GB 9020B  HIGH STRENGTH THREAD LOCK 50ml   $49.63   $34.95   $34.95 
     GB 9020C  2ML RED HIGH STRENGTH THREAD LOCK.   $5.00   $3.50   $3.50 
     GB 9020D  MEDIUM STRENGTH THREAD LOCK 50ml   $49.63   $34.95   $34.95 
     GB 9030  Fel-Pro pro lock primer. 6 oz. spray can to clean and prime parts and accelerate set up time. Mandatory to properly remove any oil or grease from the part and assure proper seal and locking of parts. This item cannot be shipped as it is an aerosol. SW 2#   $34.95   $25.43   $24.45 
     GB 9040  Dykem steel blue. 3.5 oz. bottle with applicator brush. Liquid bluing for valve jobs, lapping ring and pinion or to scribe heads and manifolds for porting. SW 2#   $11.50   $8.50   $8.50 
     GB 9050  Excellent black heat paint for exhaust. Clean properly (suggest glass bead) paint and heat to cure. If doing a header system and single muffler, it takes about 2 cans. With dual mufflers use 3. After painting, you start the engine and idle it for 1 to 2 minutes. Let cool and then run for 1 to 2 minutes at about 2500 RPM. Let cool and repeat for 4 to 5 minutes. This cures the paint slowly from the head out. Stays on as long or longer than many more expensive brands. This item cannot be shipped as it is an aerosol. SW 2#   $9.45   $6.86   $6.60 
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