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Superflow Heads Highly Modified

    These heads feature:
    1. Silicon bronze wall helicoil that replaces the old style brass guides with solid aluminum guides that are part of the original casting.
    2. Filled opposite side from plug in chamber for proper flame travel.
    3. Filled under the intake ports and above the intake ports.
    4. Spring cups which are also cast in to ensure captivation of the bottom of the spring.
    5. The spark plug holes are angled for manifold clearance.
    6. Titanium valves.
    7. Titanium retainers.
    8. Vasco jet springs.

     Product Name   Description   MSRP Price   Our Price+   Cash Price 
     GB 875  Superflow heads with Manley 43.7mm intake and 37.5 exhaust valves, our GB 272A Chevy type springs, 277A titanium retainers, 284 shims and GB 344 keepers. These heads have been flow tested, ported manifolds, cc all 4 chambers, shape chambers, bore and flycut complete with a 3 angle valve job.   $3,424.85   $2,490.80   $2,395.00 
     GB 875T  Same as GB 875 with GB 365E-38 1-1/2" (38.10mm) and GB 365I-44 1-3/4" (44.45mm) titanium valves.   $4,255.00   $3,094.52   $2,975.50 
     GB 876T  These are not your ordinary Superflow heads. These heads have 50 x 40mm valves. We have modified the patterns at the foundry before casting. Assembled with our GB 272BR race type Chevy springs, GB 277A titanium retainers, GB 284 shims, GB 344 keepers, steel seats and our GB 890 valve cover connection kit. Includes Superflow manifolds.   $4,909.90   $3,570.84   $3,433.50 
     GB 877T  Same as GB 876T with GB 581A spread port manifolds and silicon bronze seats.   $6,325.40   $4,600.28   $4,423.35 
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