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     Product Name   Description   MSRP Price   Our Price+   Cash Price 
     GB CARB051  We can modify your 48IDA carbs to a 51.5mm butterfly, float chamber enlarged, modify secondary venturi and new larger Berg designed billet velocity stacks that provide 12% more flow than what others offer. We install factory Weber 3.0 high performance needle/seats. Originated by Gene Berg and Scott Bomar in 1977. Priced per carb.   $772.20   $561.60   $561.20 
     LA CARB010  Labor charge to sleeve each carb to a specific size.   $143.00   $104.00   $104.00 
     LA CARB020  Labor charge to profile butterfly and throttle shaft for a gain of 50 CFM per throat. Each carb.   $357.50   $260.00   $260.00 
     LA CARB030  Drill 3rd progression hole for 48IDA. Each carb.   $50.05   $35.00   $35.00 
     LA CARB031  Rebuild DCNF + parts   $276.90   $195.00   $195.00 
     LA CARB032  Rebuild 48 IDA + parts   $276.90   $195.00   $195.00 
     LA CARB033  OPEN FLOAT BOWL (EA) IDA   $24.85   $17.50   $17.50 
     LA CARB034  REBUILD KADRON/SOLEX CARB (EA) PLUS PARTS.   $142.00   $100.00   $100.00 
     LAS CARB-001  Redrill the circuitry to match the fuel and air requirements of the air cooled Volkswagen motor. This labor can only be performed to certain series of the 42 and 44 DCNF carb that the progression holes are not already too big.   $28.60   $20.80   $20.80 
     LAS CARB-002  Plug choke circuitry. This will disable the fuel enrichment plungers so that if the clip that holds the assembly into the carb body comes out it will not flood the carb with gasoline. Also requires one GB 555C and 2 GB 267 plugs.   $35.75   $26.00   $26.00 
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