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Location: Home » Catalog » Custom Engraved Shifter Handle

Custom Engraved Shifter Handle

    You can order a customized Gene Berg shifter handle. We can now engrave our shifter handles with any name, words or phrase you choose up to 20 letters (the larger the amount of letters, the smaller the font).

     Product Name   Description   MSRP Price   Our Price+   Cash Price 
     ADD-ENGRAVE  Upgrade shifter purchase to a powder-coated custom engraved handle.   $63.90   $45.00   $45.00 
     MAT6710DESIGN  Custom specialty design on a shifter handle. This is only if you are not able to provide a useable file and we have to trace/re-create an image from scratch. Normally you will be covered under the MAT6710ENGRAVE   $162.40   $113.55   $113.55 
     MAT6710ENGRAVE  Custom engraved - handle only. We require an Adobe compatible file for anything complicated and to know if you want a specific font etc, or call us for assistance in ordering. If the handle is going on a shifter purchased at the same time, then this service is only $45.00. This covers your design on top, and GENE BERG on the end and powdercoating the handle.   $128.37   $90.40   $90.40 
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