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    The HALHM-AF30 LED is a lightening fast exhaust analyzer with heated Lambda probe sensor. Mandatory for proper tuning of PEFI systems and a great aid with carbureted engines. Provides instant information so you can tell if the engine is too rich or too lean.
    With our 52mm Webers we found the idle circuitry was way too lean. When we installed a bigger idle jet it got too rich and had the exact same flat spot. By being able to see what had occurred we knew that we could now increase the size of the air jet in the idle circuitry until we had the proper fuel/air ratio and finally the flat spot was gone. Without a lightening fast analyzer we were not able to find out what to do to fix the problem.
    Easy to move from car to car or dyno to car. Can be velcroed to the dash or ? Lambda probe is designed for unleaded fuel, however we have been using ours for over a year now with leaded race fuel and it still works. We know it will get leaded over and we will need to replace it at some time. Some people tell us that they weld an extra bung onto a street car that uses unleaded fuel and run the O2 sensor from their race car to burn off the lead deposits. Replacement O2 sensors listed below.

     Product Name   Description   MSRP Price   Our Price+   Cash Price 
     GB 524-2.0  Original Weber 2.0 needle and seat.   $39.05   $27.50   $27.50 
     HAL1003B  Lambda/oxygen weld in boss with plug   $61.15   $44.46   $42.75 
     HAL1003C  3 wire plug kit with male and female wire connectors and plugs.   $5.00   $3.64   $3.50 
     HAL32524  4 wire Lambda O2 sensor for use with HALF9A and E6S for closed loop.   $100.20   $72.85   $70.05 
     HAL32526  Replacement 3 wire Lambda O2 sensor HALHM-AF30A.   $133.30   $96.93   $93.20 
     HALBZ-1003W  Wire-kit with 3 colors of wire (black, red and brown), fuse holders, fuses, HAL1003C plug-kit and the necessary connectors. More than enough wire to hook up any rear engine VW. Longer than needed for any front engine application. Wire length will not affect readings. SW 2#   $90.25   $65.62   $63.10 
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