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    Using a lightened flywheel with a stock, non counterweighted crankshaft requires using a GB 440AE Equalizer pulley to dampen harmonics, bending, torsional twist and vibration. Without doing so can cause premature case, piston, rod bearing, and even possible crank damage.
    Note: If you require a 6 volt ring gear on the flywheel, purchase GB 085, LA BAL017 and LA FLY030 in addition to the flywheel itself.

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     GB 084  Genuine VW forged O'ring flywheel, 12-volt 200mm with stock 4 dowel holes. Finished weight is about 12.5 lbs. that we have established from hundreds of thousands of test miles to provide the longest clutch, crank, and crank case life. PRICED EXCHANGE/NOT BALANCED. For balancing, see LA BAL017. We recommend the crank, flywheel, pulley, and pressure plate all be dynamically balanced as a set whenever possible. Also, see LA BAL001 or 002 in the labor section.   $262.70   $165.00   $165.00 
     GB 084-CORE  Core charge for GB 084, refundable upon receiving your good stock 12-volt 200mm o'ring type flywheel. Any received with worn out teeth or bad dowel holes are not acceptable for GB 084. Any core not returned within 30 days of invoice date is considered sold and terminates our core credit slip.   $71.50   $50.00   $50.00 
     GB 084-O  Same as GB 084 but priced outright with no core or core credit at a later time.   $320.00   $245.00   $245.00 
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