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All of these parts are from the local VW warehouse or dealer and you must use the VW line code. Be sure to use the proper line code as some may be the same or slightly different in the other 2 line codes used for such parts. (SW) Shipping weight not calculated on any of the following parts.
See index for cases, head studs, and oil pressure relief valves kits listings.

 Product Name   Description   MSRP Price   Our Price+   Cash Price 
 VW 113-115-495U  Good used filler nut.   $12.50   $7.00   $7.00 
 VW 001-311-223  autostick pinion bearing nut   $50.05   $35.00   $35.00 
 VW 001-311-397  SHIM   $1.36   $0.95   $0.95 
 VW 001-311-398  SHIM .80   $1.36   $0.95   $0.95 
 VW 001-311-399  SHIM .70   $1.36   $0.95   $0.95 
 VW 002-301-161  GUIDE   $28.60   $20.00   $20.00 
 VW 002-301-173A  NOS INTERMEDIATE HOUSING   $220.10   $155.00   $155.00 
 VW 002-311-251U  Manufactured by VW. 3.78 ratio, 34 teeth on 1st idler gear, mates to 9 teeth on mainshaft. Single identification line around outer diameter of teeth. Good used.   $63.90   $45.00   $45.00 
 VW 002-311-309  3/4 HUB   $17.88   $13.00   $12.50 
 VW 021-105-285  Type 4 end play shim .32mm. Genuine VW. Few left.   $14.30   $10.00   $10.00 
 VW 021-105-289  Type 4 end play shim .36mm. Genuine VW. Few left.   $14.30   $10.00   $10.00 
 VW 111 307 113C  Mainshaft seal (Early). Cross reference 113-311-113A (late)   $4.19   $2.95   $2.95 
 VW 111-105-287  Flywheel Adjusting Shim .34mm 25-36HP. We have a very limited stock of these very hard-to-find flywheel shims for 25-36HP engines. Genuine VW.   $11.36   $7.95   $7.95 
 VW 111-141-719C  EARLY 16MM STRAIGHT CLUTCH ARM, USED.   $12.00   $9.50   $9.50 
 VW 111-141-719D  REGULAR CLUTCH ARM - 73-UP 20MM GOOD USED GERMAN.   $17.04   $12.00   $12.00 
 VW 111-141-719F  LONG CLUTCH ARM - 73-UP 20MM GOOD USED.   $35.43   $24.95   $24.95 
 VW 111-301-127E  NON-MAGNETIC OIL FILLER PLUG FOR TRANS. GOOD USED GERMAN.   $7.50   $5.50   $5.50 
 VW 111-301-289B  Genuine VW nosecone to body seal   $17.16   $12.00   $12.00 
 VW 113-141-701F  CLUTCH CROSS SHAFT - 73-UP 20MM - WELDED ARMS GOOD USED GERMAN.   $25.21   $14.50   $14.50 
 VW 122-115-181A  SUMP DRAIN PLATE WITH HOLE   $11.29   $7.95   $7.95 
 VW 211-311-341A  NOS German .82 4th gear KEYED.   $408.98   $286.00   $286.00 
 VW 211-311-341U  Good used .82 4th gear KEYED   $321.75   $225.00   $225.00 
 VW N 14-536-1  Long stud for type 4 oil cooler. 2 required. This is NLA from VW and we have now made them in 303 stainless with rolled threads.   $5.61   $3.95   $3.95 
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