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    The following is how it works. When the clutch is engaged and the engine speed is closely matched to the car speed and chosen gear, there is no shock load. If there is a large difference in engine and car speed, such as speed shifting or engaging the clutch fast when the car is standing still (drag race start), at the exact moment the clutch disc locks up, there is a shock peak that is astronomical. If this peak is high enough, it will break parts right away. If the peak is slightly less, parts might break in 100 clutch engagements. If the shock peak is low enough, maybe nothing will ever break.
    If the torque shock peak concept is difficult to understand, imagine letting your clutch out slower. Obviously the shock load is less. However, trying to control a fast clutch engagement reliably (so that parts won't break), in racing situations consistently, is impossible. The "Washington Anti Shocker" (�) adds only a few imperceptible milliseconds to the clutch engagement time to greatly reduce the torque shock peak. Because this device only controls the engagement of the clutch and not the disengagement, like most hydraulic devices, it is undetectable to most users and there is no perceptible slipping or difference in the way the clutch works. The clutch handles just as much horsepower with it installed as it does without it. Testing so far has shown no reduction in the life of the clutch. It is reliable and works the same, time after time. On a drag race car, consistent time slips within .01 or .02 second reaction times were still maintained.

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