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Individual Articles

     Product Name   Description   MSRP Price   Our Price+   Cash Price 
     GB 801-CAM  Data on cams, followers, degreeing, what tools are needed and how numbers affect what your engine sees. This covers the myth about the numbers you read in catalogs being hypothetical numbers that are useless for comparing one cam to another. Provides information that will clear up proper break in procedures and installation.   $5.00   $3.50   $3.50 
     GB 801-COMBO  Both GB 801-TRANS and GB 801-GEAR articles. We offer these as a set because they work together in making your trans live.   $9.95   $6.95   $6.95 
     GB 801-COOLING  Facts about cooling. Tips, data, and interesting facts of what happens when not cooled properly. Informs you of what cooling systems do and dispels the inaccurate information and myths about the oil cooler affecting number 3 cylinder/head and causing it to overheat. Explains how a vehicle change or type can affect (destroy) the proper cooling of the engine and what to do. Extremely valuable for people with kit cars. Provides some good common sense that could save you thousands of dollars in engine damage.   $7.10   $4.95   $4.95 
     GB 801-CR  Compression ratios vs. the gas octane and the air cooled VW engine. Also, simple to follow formulas to calculate needed octane of today's fuel for specific compression ratios that allow the engine to run cool and live its normal longevity. Some of this was previously printed in my price sheets back in the late 70's when the (oil embargo started) octane was lowered and lead started to be removed from 4 grams per gallon down to .1 (tenth) or none per gallon as it is today.   $3.95   $2.95   $2.95 
     GB 801-DECK  Information about pros and cons and methods of setting deck heights and lowering compression ratios. Provides tested information as to what you can and cannot do and still achieve efficient running engines.   $5.00   $3.50   $3.50 
     GB 801-GEAR  Information about gearing your car. How to calculate ratios with formulas, sample charts, blank graph chart for you to Xerox and make your own graphs. Shows RPM vs. speeds and what effect it has on engines under a specific usage. Closely related to cooling of the engine as engine RPM determines fan speed, which provides proper cooling of the engine. Do not be fooled into installing gears taller (more overdrive see GB 801-GEAR and GB 801-COOLING) than stock as they reduce fan speed and cooling, plus take more power to drive the car. Further, it reduces the mileage and increases temperature.   $7.85   $5.50   $5.50 
     GB 801-HEADS  This contains the information about what makes heads work, cool, and live. Covers valve sizes vs. exhaust, air speed and CFM, and proper porting and polishing without destroying the air speed. Seat types, guides, retainers, valve types and sizes. About welding and moving spark plugs when needed and what makes a head that lives a normal life. About proper valve jobs and when to adjust your valves.   $7.85   $5.50   $5.50 
     GB 801-P/C  Information about piston and cylinder construction, clearancing, piston and cylinder lengths and proper installation applications. Pros and cons of what lives and what doesn't. Answers questions such as: Where does blow-by come from? Is this actually a failure of the piston and cylinder?   $5.00   $3.50   $3.50 
     GB 801-ROD  Information on what rod angle does and how it affects the rest of the engine.   $2.80   $2.00   $2.00 
     GB 801-SPRING  Methods of installing and measuring valve springs for specific cam applications. Some of the history of what causes valve component failures. Explanation of what works and what doesn't.   $5.00   $3.50   $3.50 
     GB 801-STROKE  A little about what strokers do and what we have found to live. Covers installing it in the case. Step by step instructions about clearancing and checking that it has proper clearance to the case, cam, pistons and cylinders.   $5.00   $3.50   $3.50 
     GB 801-SUSP  Articles on front and rear suspension, mostly on the swingaxle for high performance street or drag racing. About caster, caster wedges, camber, toe in/out and what effect it produces especially if you have lowered your car and not addressed the alignment. Critical to the life of the transaxle if you drag race start your car. Mandatory supplemental information to go with GB 801-TRANS to make a trans live. Mandatory information so you know to make sure the alignment shop does what is required for you to have a safe car.   $7.10   $4.95   $4.95 
     GB 801-TRANS  Transaxle Building The Correct Way. Special instructions and procedures I, and my customers, have found critical to the life and operation of VW transaxles. Applies to stock or all out race applications. Always updated whenever any changes are discovered. So informative it was printed in part by a major national magazine. A must for trans builders. Even more important for the consumer as you have the information to find out if your trans builder is a parts changer or actually an expert in transaxle building!   $7.10   $4.95   $4.95 
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