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Location: Home » Catalog » Manifolds for dual carb (Sold in pairs)

Manifolds for dual carb (Sold in pairs)

    Berg manifolds are cast from prime 356 aluminum. We have titanium and boron added to the 356 virgin material for even greater strength. They are heat treated to the T6 strength and hardness and are the strongest manifolds ever offered for the VW.
    Head end mounting holes are drilled to the minimum 8mm size so they fit the head stud tightly and can be installed, match ported to the head, removed, reinstalled and still line up exactly the same with the head port every time. No sloppy oversize holes that never line up to the head port.
    We also machine the nut side of the mounting holes so that you have a flat parallel surface for the nut to seat on. This is a critical area and without this flat parallel surface it is impossible to have full holding power of the nut. This is a common problem with other manifolds that often come loose. One simple reason Berg manifolds cost more. They are super strong, have ample material, fit properly, and stay tight.
    Ports on the head end are slightly undersize to allow correct match porting (except as noted) and the correct size for maximum air velocity is maintained to ensure good low end throttle response and engine tuning without flat spots. Our flow tested design provides the most efficient flow, assuring excellent top RPM as well.
    Generous wall thickness allows for correctly done porting in proper area for the all out performance engine builder. Metric hardware and Berg quality gaskets included with each kit. Priced per pair. Originated by Gene, Gary, and Clyde Berg from 1961 to present. Note: length is measured with the manifold bolted to the head and measured from the valve cover top rail to the carb flange. Made in USA by Gene Berg Enterprises.
    Note: Some older Type III cars will require the tripod rubber mounts be replaced or shims (flat washers) added to return the body to engine clearance back to the original height so the air cleaners will clear the engine lid. Designed to work with Bugpack Type III carb to carb linkage.
    Note: GB 590 and GB 590P manifolds are intentionally made much thicker and heavier than anyone else's to provide extra material for additional modifications without welding. Some people cut and grind off some of the extra material when weight is an issue.
    Also see index for fuel injection manifolds in PEFI section.

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