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    Berg developed the quiet mufflers for the VW. They are all made to fit Berg, Phoenix and most old Fortuned systems. Fortuned mounting bracket for use on Phoenix systems that use the strap you need GB 997S. Will not interchange onto others without modification. Chromed tip except where specified. SW 14# single. SW 23# regular dual. SW 27# merged dual.
    Note: GB 972A's fit our standard GB 907 exhaust on a Karmann Ghia. This system was sold before the special Ghia header was made. You can tell by the flange angle. Special Ghia flange is flat across the bottom.

     Product Name   Description   MSRP Price   Our Price+   Cash Price 
     ADD-971HB-2M  Dual merged heater box mufflers   $64.35   $46.80   $45.00 
     GB 971  Sedan single quiet pack   $125.00   $75.00   $75.00 
     GB 971A  Sedan quiet muffler for GB 903, & GB 911   $197.25   $140.00   $140.00 
     GB 971A-2  Sedan dual quiet mufflers for standard GB 903. Muffler straps included.   $0.00   $0.00   $0.00 
     GB 971A-2M  Sedan dual quiet mufflers for our GB 933 current generation non-thermostat street merged competition sedan system. Made in U.S.A. SW #25. 12x12x60   $248.50   $205.00   $205.00 
     GB 971A-2SM  Sedan dual quiet mufflers for our GB 932S/GB 933S current generation street merged competition sedan systems. Made in U.S.A. SW #25 12x12x60   $248.50   $205.00   $205.00 
     GB 971AHB  High flow muffler for our merged heater box systems   $345.00   $205.00   $205.00 
     GB 971AKG  Single quiet pack for 1-5/8" Ghia heater box system   $248.00   $205.00   $205.00 
     GB 971HB  Heater box quiet muffler. Comes with mounting hardware & gasket.   $248.00   $205.00   $205.00 
     GB 971HB-2  Heater box dual quiet   $139.60   $101.50   $97.60 
     GB 972A  Bus quiet muffler.   $0.00   $0.00   $0.00 
     GB 972A-2  Bus dual quiet mufflers, muffler clamps included.   $0.00   $0.00   $0.00 
     GB 972T  Bus quiet muffler for use with GB 912 trailer hitch header. Flange flat across the bottom with point top center.   $0.00   $0.00   $0.00 
     GB 973  Ghia quiet muffler made to fit Berg Karmann Ghia header with collector moved up. Collector flange flat across bottom with point top center. To fit our GB 908 system. Also, read GB 972A for early Ghia systems with other type of flange.   $0.00   $0.00   $0.00 
     GB 973A-2  As GB 973A except dual mufflers to fit flat bottom flange GB 908.   $0.00   $0.00   $0.00 
     GB 974A-2  Dual quiet mufflers to fit GB 911 with collector flange exiting in the center of car, pointed straight out the rear. Type 3   $0.00   $0.00   $0.00 
     GB 976A  Thing quiet muffler, fresh air, fits GB 913-914.   $107.25   $78.00   $75.00 
     GB 980A  Single quiet pack for 411 bus to 74.   $107.25   $78.00   $75.00 
     GB 980B  Single quiet pack for 2.0L bus 75-up   $107.25   $78.00   $75.00 
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