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Shifter Replacement Parts

    From time to time people don't keep their shifter properly lubed and wear out the cable prematurely. Naturally, we can install a new cable. You must send back the complete shifter with the shift gate as we grind the pin to match the gate.

     Product Name   Description   MSRP Price   Our Price+   Cash Price 
     ADD-6710MN  Polished 4 speed finger grip handle.   $143.00   $100.00   $100.00 
     ADD-MIDNIGHT LOCKER  We are able to do a variety of color finishes on the locking base. Base only $75, base and shaft $85, base/shaft/handle $105. Shaft $15. Quickshift plate add $5   $149.10   $105.00   $105.00 
     DEE5595-051  STAINLESS CRIMP BEAD FOR SHIFTER CABLE   $1.70   $1.20   $1.20 
     DEE5595-121  WHITE NYLON BUSHING FOR SHIFTER (2 REQ'D)   $2.08   $1.50   $1.50 
     DEE6063  Replacement dust boot, fits all Berg shifters   $14.20   $10.00   $10.00 
     GB 5700  GB 5700 Charge to convert your standard Gene Berg 40% reduced throw 4 speed shifter for 5 speed use. 60% shifters add $75. Add $45.40 for MAT 5710P handle.   $283.29   $168.95   $168.95 
     GB 5700CR  Cable repair on a 5 speed shifter. NOTE - we require ALL of you shifter incl gate to perform the repair. The cost assumes that the only problem area is the cable/pin.   $107.00   $78.00   $78.00 
     GB 6700CR  Sedan cable repair. We require ALL of your shifter to perform this repair, incl gate. The price assumes the cable/pin is the only problem area.   $81.37   $59.95   $59.95 
     GB 6750CR  Bus cable repair   $81.37   $59.95   $59.95 
     HDW1/4-20X1/4SS  Set screw for shifter handle (short )   $0.36   $0.25   $0.25 
     HDW1/4-20X3/16SS  Shifter handle set screw (long)   $0.36   $0.25   $0.25 
     MAT5700TSB  Base/cap with 2 tool steel gates pressed in for 5 speed shifters. We have gone over to this as VW no longer makes the plate we modify into the old MAT5700-GATE. 40% reduced throw shifters only. For 60% use MAT5770TSB   $135.85   $75.00   $75.00 
     MAT5710-GATE  Old style shift gate for 5 speed shifters. The part we modify is NLA from VW so they are good/used only. Now replaces by tool steel gates - MAT 5710TSG   $107.25   $75.00   $75.00 
     MAT5710FG  Black finger grip handle with engraved BERG 5   $88.61   $62.40   $62.40 
     MAT5710MN  5 speed polished finger grip handle.   $214.50   $150.00   $150.00 
     MAT5710P  Old style polished block handle with cast in BERG 5. LHD SW#1   $64.47   $45.40   $45.40 
     MAT5710PC  Standard black T-handle for 5 speed   $88.61   $62.40   $62.40 
     MAT5770TSB  Shift plate for all 60% reduced throw 5 speed shifters. Replaces MAT 5710 on old shifters, as VW no longer makes the gate we modified for 5 speed.   $107.25   $79.95   $79.95 
     MAT6700B  Button for all our shifters except the ball handle.   $10.00   $7.50   $7.50 
     MAT6700BB  BUTTON FOR BALL HANDLE   $10.00   $7.50   $7.50 
     MAT6700BO  OFF-ROAD HANDLE BUTTON   $15.00   $12.50   $12.50 
     MAT6700SB  Shifter base from 06/18/10. Will also require MAT6700SC (cap) if retrofitting to an earlier type of base.   $48.28   $34.00   $34.00 
     MAT6700SBP  Polished shifter base from 06/18/10. Requires MAT6700SC.   $59.00   $39.00   $39.00 
     MAT6700SC  Cap to be used on bases produced from 06/18/10   $17.16   $12.00   $12.00 
     MAT6700TSBP  Polished tall shifter base from 06/18/10. This is for bus and 60% reduced throw shifters, and does not require an additional quick shift plate. Will also require MAT6700SC (cap) if retrofitting to an earlier type of base   $62.48   $44.00   $44.00 
     MAT6710B  Polished engraved ball handle. Specify LHD or RHD. Supplied with button.   $95.13   $69.95   $69.95 
     MAT6710BPC  Black powdercoated engraved ball   $85.13   $59.95   $59.95 
     MAT6710ENGRAVE  Powder coated T handle with custom engraving. Custom artwork (if required) to be supplied by the customer in usable format.   $128.37   $90.40   $90.40 
     MAT6710FG  4 speed finger grip handle. Black with engraved GENE BERG. LHD or RHD   $82.08   $65.40   $65.40 
     MAT6710I  LOCK ASSEMBLY - ROUND BARREL TYPE KEY (2) INCLUDED   $39.43   $29.95   $29.95 
     MAT6710L  PAIR OF BARREL STYLE REPLACEMENT KEYS   $31.95   $22.50   $22.50 
     MAT6710MN  Polished 4 speed finger grip handle. Old style with cast in name.   $214.50   $150.00   $150.00 
     MAT6710NPC  Black powdercoated handle. No engraving. Specify shaft OD that goes inside handle when ordering. Either 5/8" or 11/16".   $90.00   $60.00   $60.00 
     MAT6710P  LHD polished handle. Specify shaft OD when ordering.   $62.65   $45.40   $45.40 
     MAT6710PC  Powder coated standard engraved handle. Specify shaft OD inside of handle when ordering.   $88.61   $65.40   $65.40 
     MAT675-10  SINGLE 0.010" SHIM FOR GB 675   $5.33   $3.75   $3.75 
     MAT675-12  SINGLE 0.012" SHIM FOR GB 675   $5.33   $3.75   $3.75 
     MAT6750A  Quickshift plate for use on all bus shifters and our 60% reduced throw shifters only.   $14.20   $10.00   $10.00 
     MAT6790-20  Vanagon shifter steel spacer.   $11.44   $8.32   $8.00 
     VW 111-701-259A  Shift rod bushing. This fits (VW 111-701-255B) the guide plate listed above as its counter part in the bus.   $3.49   $1.95   $1.95 
     VW 111-701-263  Clip to hold (VW 111-701-259A) bushing in place.   $2.80   $2.03   $2.03 
     VWB211-711-1491  Replacement shift gate for Berg 4 speed shifters   $14.30   $10.00   $10.00 
     VWB311-798-211  Genuine VW shift coupler 1964-79   $25.59   $17.90   $17.90 
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