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    The ultimate in throttle bodies for PEFI installations where you already have your manifolds ported to your heads. Bolts directly onto your manifolds. Fuel rails are included with DCNF TWM3004-series only, with all other series you must purchase fuel rails separately. 1 = SW 4#, 2 = SW 6#
    Note: Not all sizes are stocked and may take 6 to 10 working days to ship.

     Product Name   Description   MSRP Price   Our Price+   Cash Price 
     TWM2920-452L  45mm IDF/DRLA left   $773.35   $562.43   $540.80 
     TWM2920-452R  45mm IDF/DRLA right   $773.35   $562.43   $540.80 
     TWM2920-482L  48mm IDF/DRLA left   $773.35   $562.43   $540.80 
     TWM2920-482R  48mm IDF/DRLA right   $773.35   $562.43   $540.80 
     TWM2920-502L  50mm IDF/DRLA left   $773.35   $562.43   $540.80 
     TWM2920-502R  50mm IDF/DRLA right   $773.35   $562.43   $540.80 
     TWM3000-482L  48mm IDA left   $773.35   $562.43   $540.80 
     TWM3000-482R  48mm IDA right   $773.35   $562.43   $540.80 
     TWM3000-502L  50mm IDA left   $773.35   $562.43   $540.80 
     TWM3000-502R  50mm IDA right   $773.35   $562.43   $540.80 
     TWM3000-552L  55mm IDA left   $773.35   $562.43   $540.80 
     TWM3000-552R  55mm IDA right   $526.80   $383.14   $368.40 
     TWM3004-402L  40mm DCNF left   $810.95   $589.78   $567.10 
     TWM3004-402R  40mm DCNF right   $810.95   $589.78   $567.10 
     TWM3004-442L  44mm DCNF left   $810.95   $589.78   $567.10 
     TWM3004-442R  44mm DCNF right   $810.95   $589.78   $567.10 
     TWM3004-462L  46mm DCNF left   $810.95   $589.78   $567.10 
     TWM3004-462R  46mm DCNF right   $810.95   $589.78   $567.10 
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