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Technical Information

    What's so great about a full flow oil filtering system? Much engine wear occurs from dirt or particles of metal, which are seldom completely removed from the engine when it is first built or overhauled. Some damage comes from particles such as bearing flakes, pieces off the camshaft or cam followers, minute bits of carbon which somehow manage to get past the rings, and tiny chunks of aluminum worn off of the head by the valve springs, especially when the valve springs are seated directly against the aluminum surface of the head, instead of against shims or if valve float is present. These particles will not be removed from the oil by the stock factory screen. See information about not using the oil strainer screen in the area of GB 212 in this catalog.
    When these particles recirculate through the engine with the oil, additional wear is caused, adding to the quantity of unwanted junk in the oil on a continually increasing basis so the oil becomes a carrier of wear producing material instead of a flow of life sustaining lubricant.
    Way back in the late 1950's, SAE published some Ford Motor Company full flow filter tests showing wear reductions of 50% on crankshaft, 66% on wrist pins, 19% on cylinder walls and up to 52% less wear on rings. We even found that the oil pump in the VW engines would suffer excessive wear when no filter was used. This is very impressive as these savings alone would more than pay for a filter. You also help cool the oil (slightly) with a remote mounted filter, and have fewer oil changes to contend with. As you can see we have many types of kits, the most important consideration is what type of hose to use. High pressure neoprene hose or stainless steel covered PTFE on hose. The neoprene hose will work fine, however, must be replaced from time to time like any regular hose material. It gets hard, cracks and can explode.
    The stainless steel covered PTFE hose we use is the extreme high pressure hose that is normally used in space age applications. We use this type stainless steel covered PTFE hose rather than the cheaper stainless steel covered neoprene hose with screw together type end fittings swedged onto the hose because it is literally a permanent investment and it won't blow apart or need to be replaced like neoprene hose or stainless steel covered neoprene hose. I installed my first set in 1969 and they are still in use today. Furthermore, the PTFE hose will flow more with less restriction than neoprene hose.
    I first originated full flow systems for the air cooled VW in 1962.

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