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Location: Home » Catalog » Technical Information

Technical Information

    As performance goes up so does the need to retain more torque loading. One area that has continued to show as a weak area in need of added support is the pinion bearing retaining plate. For those that have a brand new trans case with proper bearing press and a new pinion retaining plate, this has not been much of a problem. However, when the trans is subjected to high HP shock loads, such as drag racing starts, it will eventually try to push the pinion bearing out of the case and will bend the stock retaining plate. Next, it will start to elongate the pinion bearing hole in the gear box case and soon the ring and pinion will fail. Unfortunately, many people think this is not a problem although they may have had such a failure. It is possible they did not notice the bent plate or may always replace it. Because it is impossible to see the case elongation with the naked eye, they may think it is OK to re-use the same old trans case again. This will only lead to having another failure in a far shorter time. As we have stated for years, never re-use a trans case that has had a ring and pinion or 1st gear breakage in it.
    Our super duty retaining plate prevents this type of failure from starting. Constructed from high strength chrome moly, rough machined, heat treated to maximum strength, and finish machined to proper size after heat treat which provides strength and ability to lock the pinion bearing into place, so it cannot deflect away from the ring gear. Then it is properly machined to clear mainshaft/1st gear and all pinion bearings. Comes with new bolts and correct copyrighted installation instructions with a new torque value. This small investment quickly pays for itself by preventing both case and ring and pinion failures caused by this deflection, also provides far greater reliability for your racer or high powered daily driver.
    Did you know that we carry most stock VW transaxle parts; syncros, gears, gasket sets, bearings, etc. See genuine VW and VWB section for a listing of these items.

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