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The Superflow Cover Connection

Yes, what you are seeing is correct. It is a simple bolt on valve cover conversion for the ARPM, Bugpack Superflow heads that eliminates the need for special, expensive and often hard to get valve cover gaskets.
Not only that, it permanently eliminates the impossible bolt on covers that often leak or fall off. No need to safety wire the cumbersome Superflow bolts that hold the covers on. Instead of it taking longer to remove and install the covers than it does to adjust the valves, you now have instant on and off access to your valve train. Developed by Gary Berg in 1991, this ingenious conversion to the factory VW covers and bails always stays tight when the heads expanded from hot to cold and cold to hot. Obviously that is why VW has never made a bolt on cover.
More body clearance for removing and installing the covers in the car where clearance is tight. Designed to clear Chevy springs, up to 0.200" longer valves and our 1.54 ratio rocker arms. Lower gasket lip is designed to keep oil in the head when the covers are removed to access the valve train.
This simple bolt on conversion requires drilling and tapping two 6mm holes in each head to provide the location for the factory valve cover bails. Apply RTV silicone sealer to the head side of the new Gary Berg cover connector, permanently installing it to the head with the special screws furnished and install the factory cover.
It is critical that the factory valve cover and spring steel bail be used so we only sell the kit complete with the factory quality parts.
Kit comes complete with a pair of the Gary Berg cover connectors, two new modified factory VW valve covers and spring steel bails, new gaskets, mounting hardware and Gene Berg copyrighted instructions. For a 6mm tap, order TOO-6MM.
End that needless drip, drip, drip forever. Get your GB 890 Cover Connection kit today.



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