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Total Seal Gapless 2nd Ring Modification Available

    To order our piston and cylinder sets with the original "OEM" 2nd ring modified to Total Seal gapless configuration specify the part number ADD-TS. These are not Total Seal brand, however, the modification to the ring is done by Total Seal for us. We remove the second ring from the piston set and have Total Seal modify our "OEM" rings. We do not sell the 2nd ring separately. I, personally, use these in all my engines.
    Remember: (SW) is for shipping weight.
    We do not stock any 40HP P/C's. If you have such a need, call and we will get you the current price and availability.

     Product Name   Description   MSRP Price   Our Price+   Cash Price 
     ADD-TS  Additional charge to upgrade 2nd ring from P&C set to the Total Seal 2nd ring.   $170.80   $124.23   $124.23 
     GB 042TS  85.5mm 2/2/5 w/Total Seal 2nd ring.   $248.50   $175.00   $175.00 
     GB 043ATS  88mm 1.5/1.5/5 with one piece cast oil ring and Total Seal 2nd ring.   $283.29   $199.50   $199.50 
     GB 043TS  88mm 1.5/1.5/5 w/Total Seal 2nd ring.   $248.50   $175.00   $175.00 
     GB 044TS  90.5mm 2/2/4.75 w/Total Seal 2nd ring.   $248.50   $175.00   $175.00 
     GB 045TS  90.5mm 1.5/2/4 w/Total Seal 2nd ring.   $248.50   $175.00   $175.00 
     GB 047TS  88mm dykes for Empi/Mahle special pistons. 1x1.5/1.5/5 w/Total Seal 2nd ring.   $283.29   $199.50   $199.50 
     GB 048TS  89mm Dykes set for Empi/Mahle special pistons. 1X1.5/1.5/5 w/Total Seal 2nd ring.   $283.29   $199.50   $199.50 
     GB 050TS  92mm 1.5/2/4 w/Total Seal 2nd ring.   $248.50   $175.00   $175.00 
     GB 051TS  94mm 1.5/2/4 w/Total Seal 2nd ring.   $262.70   $185.00   $185.00 
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