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Location: Home » Catalog » Valve Guide Boss Cutter

Valve Guide Boss Cutter

    Note: Blades are inserted so they can be shimmed out or cocked to produce different sizes when needed.

     Product Name   Description   MSRP Price   Our Price+   Cash Price 
     GB 706  Valve guide boss cutter. I originated this tool in 1963 and upgraded it in 1969 to perform many other valve related functions. Designed to be used with a drill press with the head at the proper angle to line up with the 8mm guide hole. It cuts the guide boss OD to the industry standard of 5/8" for inner/outer and triple springs, or to .795" OD for dampner springs. With our optional Chevy blade it also cuts to 1.475". End cuts guide top for needed retainer clearance when higher lift cams or ratio rocker arms are used. Also spot faces cam gears to recess bolt heads when converting a stock cam gear to a bolt on (or the one you got from someone else that was not cut deep enough). Made in the USA by Gene Berg Enterprises SW 2# ALSO AVAILABLE FOR 9MM/11/32" GUIDES AS GB 706-9   $140.00   $89.95   $89.95 
     GB 706-9  Same as GB 706, but for 9mm or 11/32" guides.   $145.00   $94.50   $94.50 
     GB 706A  1/4" blade for GB 706 cutter. Use when cutting for dual springs.   $39.90   $27.50   $27.50 
     GB 706B  1/4" blade for GB 706 cutter. Use for cutting cam gear/valve guide.   $39.05   $27.50   $27.50 
     GB 706CH  In 1984 we started running a larger diameter valve spring, which required a new blade that provided a larger ID and OD. This blade is for GB 706 to cut boss OD and ID for GB 272A springs and most springs sold as Chevy type.   $39.90   $29.02   $29.02 
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