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Cylinder Spacing » Custom Spacers
Sometimes folks have special needs for parts, which we do not carry. We do not stock any shims/spacers for 85.5mm or 94mm cylinders so we offer custom made spacers for those applications. It takes about 4 to 5 working days to make. Priced as a set of 4. You specify the actual cylinders outside size in mm or inches and the thickness you need. This requires full payment in advance or charged to your credit card. SW 2#

GB 060A Custom from 0.060" to 0.179"

GB 060B Custom from 0.180" to 0.249"

GB 060C Custom from 0.250" to 0.500"

Note: 1 Cylinder Spacers come in sets of 4. These are made from steel tubing, cut to length; precision ground to size, machined on the ID and properly chamfered.

Note: 2 From time to time we may not have all sizes of spacers and shims in stock and reserve the right to fill our customer's orders that are buying all of their engine parts from us. Made in USA by Gene Berg Enterprises SW 2# on all spacer sets listed below.

For thick wall Cima 88's, standard 90.5mm and Okrassa 90's with an approximately ID of 94.75mm (3.730 in.)

GB 063-060 0.060-inch thick

GB 063-070 0.070-inch thick

GB 063-100 0.100-inch thick

GB 063-120 0.120-inch thick

GB 063-140 0.140-inch thick

GB 063-160 0.160-inch thick

GB 063-180 0.180-inch thick

GB 063-200 0.200-inch thick

GB 063-220 0.220-inch thick

GB 063-240 0.240-inch thick

GB 063-260 0.260-inch thick

GB 063-280 0.280-inch thick

GB 063-300 0.300-inch thick

GB 063-330 0.330-inch thick

GB 063-350 0.350-inch thick

GB 063-400 0.400-inch thick


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