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Packaged in sets of 4. These are an exclusive Berg product. We stamp them from precision steel shim stock, not from inexpensive sheet stock as others do (which often varies as much as 0.010" per shim).

Berg shims allow you to properly correct deck height on all engine sizes. When a case is decked or CR needs to be lowered, these shims (along with spacers) can be used individually or stacked to achieve proper deck height. Made in USA by Gene Berg Enterprises

Note: Also see about Semi-Hemi cutting heads to reduce CR and GB 801-CR and GB 801-HEADS. SW 2# on all shim sets listed below.

For Gene Berg's standard 90.5mm cylinders, thick wall Cima 88mm, NPR and Okrassa 90mm. (Do not fit 92mm or 94mm)

Note: 90.5mm shims are approximately 94.75mm ID (3.730 in.)

GB 064-007 0.007-inch thick

GB 064-010 0.010-inch thick

For 88mm: Cima std, Empi, German Mahle and KS

Note: 88mm shims are approximately 92mm ID (3.620 in.)

GB 065-010 0.010-inch thick

GB 065-020 0.020-inch thick

For 92mm: NPR, Cima/Mahle 92mm cylinders

Note: 92mm shims are approximately 95.75mm ID (3.768 in.) and are properly notched to clear head studs.

GB 066-007 0.007-inch thick

GB 066-010 0.010-inch thick


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