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Disc Tech Tip » High Performance Clutches
Genuine KEP Clutches (pressure plates) Made completely in the USA

GB 097-180 Diaphragm type 180mm pressure plate with release cone, beefed up with welded cross bar. The ultimate 180mm unit, rated at 1,800-lbs. pressure. Works with GB 101 3-puck disc for race applications. SW 8#

GB 098-1700 200mm reworked genuine F&S diaphragm type pressure plate with release cone. Rated at 1,700-lbs. pressure. Excellent for larger engine street cars when using a genuine VW or our Super Street disc. Works great up to 140 HP, street use in a sedan or 100 HP bus. Should not be used with GB 102 3-puck disc as it could be out of the diaphragms working range and may not provide good holding power. (*) SW 10#

GB 098L-1700 Same as GB 098 (1700 lbs.) without release cone, mid '71 and later. SW 10#

GB 098-2300 2300 pound

GB 098-2500 2500 pound

GB 098-2700 2700 pound

200mm pressure plate, diaphragm type with release cone. Rated as indicated by the part number. New solid spring steel diaphragm. Crossbars are welded to the cover to stop cover flex. Super duty connecting links for maximum life. Works great in a street car with a stock VW disc, such as GB 094 or GB 104. Gary Berg used this combination in his street car that runs low 12-second 1/4 mile times.

It is only a little stiffer and no more strain on the cable when you follow Berg's exclusive copyrighted installation instructions. Not uncomfortable and it is very smooth. We also have this poundage pressure plate (with our steel shoe) and GB 102 3-puck disc in our racecar with over 20 years of trouble free service. (*) SW 10#

GB 098L-2300 2300 pound without release cone for 1971-on.

GB 098L-2500 2500 pound without release cone for 1971-on.

GB 098L-2700 2700 pound without release cone for 1971-on.

Note: All Berg pressure plates come with 2 pages of copyrighted instructions that tell you how to prepare the car and set-up your clutch properly to be smooth with a soft pedal.


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