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Crankshaft Knowledge » Never Use A Full Circle Crank
The past revisited again. You would think that people would get smart enough to do a little research before they buy their products. Full circle crankshafts are nothing new. People sold them for the 36HP engines and had high failure rate. Next, it was in the early 70's and these also failed. In fact, when we did the testing on them and had high degrees of case damage we actually set-up and machined them into a counterweighted crank. This helped considerably, however, other problems arose with the quality of these cranks and the company went out of business.

What you must realize is that this actually makes the crank worse than it was stock. Properly counterweighting means that weight must be added to oppose the weight of the rod and rod journal. Simply put it like a teeter tauter, to oppose a heavier person on the other end, you move the center of the board closer to the lighter person to gain leverage. Since we cannot move the crankshaft centerline we must add weight to the other side to help offset the rod journal side of the crankshaft.

We spent a large amount of time and money to get the correct combination that would still fit in the case, providing more engine life than anyone on the planet.


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