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Crankshaft Knowledge » Important Note About Exchange or Work
Help us provide fast efficient service to you when sending your crank and/or flywheel for work, or exchange. You must include instructions with the parts. Tell us exactly what you want done. If not, it delays the work or the exchange.

We use only premium crank cores that have no damage of any kind. The exchange you send us must provide the same quality as the one we send you. They cannot have any damage to the gear or flywheel area, no burned journals, may not be bent at the center main or have bad threads. Worn journals must clean up at 1st undersize.

Please, check to see if the crank needs grinding or has been ground. If it has been ground undersize it is likely marked or stamped. Some companies stamp with the size, others use paint stripes to indicate undersize. These are normally located by the #3 main bearing cheek. If you send a crank that is already ground undersize, it is not acceptable for exchange.

Next, ring the crank by holding it under the 1st rod cheek (#3 rod nearest to flywheel) and tapping the nose end on a cement floor, or strike it with a metal object. If it rings like a bell it is likely OK, if it thuds it is possibly cracked. Please do not send a cracked crank.


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