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What is a Wedgemate and What Does It Do? » Wedgemate Technical Information
In 1962 when we could not keep the flywheel on the crank in our own VW powered dragster, even though it was properly match doweled, the Berg Wedgemate process was developed by a tool and die maker in Kent, Washington. He used the principle of taper fit locking devices, as used on metal working machines with Morse Taper Spindles. He did two of our cranks and it completely stopped our problem. We completely dismissed it until a few years later when we saw damaged cranks at Empi. Dean Lowry asked if we could fix them and that was the beginning of our doing it for practically every racer in the country.

By developing the proper amount of press from the crank to flywheel and by driving the flywheel onto the crank taper, they become a mated unit until you need to take them apart, which is easily accomplished with our easy to follow copyrighted instructions. This precision fit makes the crank and flywheel a permanently matched pair. Our wedgemated cranks also use eight 11/32" dowels. Unlike flanged cranks, no special bearings are needed to accommodate Berg wedgemated cranks. You still have the ability to properly adjust endplay with the use of standard endplay shims.

This assures accurate ignition timing, smoother running and reduced spark scatter, which are common problems with flanged crankshafts. We only wedgemate Gene Berg cranks and this must be done at the time of purchase. Mandatory for drag race applications. Originated for the VW by Gene Berg and Bill (our tool and die maker) in 1962.

Our crankshafts may appear to be more expensive until you compare what we offer to that of other manufacturers. Ours is a true fully forged billet. 411 center main for maximum strength. Processes such as double stress relief during manufacturing, green grinding, taped oil passages, proper main bearing hydrodynamic oil grooves, match doweling to the flywheel, dynamically balanced, properly heat treated to the core strength, shot peened, micro-polished, flywheel checked for run out and more, that no other company includes in the price of their crankshaft which all cost money.

Ours provide far longer service than anyone's crankshafts and bring maximum resale value years later. We even offer the option of proper wedgemating. Compare and do not be fooled by our competition that can only talk about what we deliver! If we offered our crankshafts without these critical processes, as others do, we could sell for far less than they do. Get more for what you pay for, insist on a genuine Gene Berg crankshaft.


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