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VW Rods » Carillo Rod Sets
Strongest steel rod made. For both street and race. Match balanced in a set of 4. Required for larger strokes and a must for all race applications. Clearancing required by the bolt and on the cap with the following stroke, rod length combinations:

82mm, 84mm or 86mm stroke with 5.532" (86mm stroke also requires additional piston clearance), 84mm or 86mm with 5.400" and 84mm or 86mm with 5.500" rods. See LA ROD026-4 for this operation.

Note: We stock more Carrillo rods for VW applications than anyone, however it is often as much as six months delivery time from Carrillo. This may require that we reserve rod sets for our crankshaft customers at the time they buy the crankshaft from us. SW 7# per set. Made in the USA.


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