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VW Rods » HD Alloy Steel Gland Nut and Washer
Yes, this is a stronger chrome moly gland nut that maintains the stock size head dimension. No special socket size is needed. Manufactured longer so full thread is utilized when our HD thicker washer is used. Black oxided with a needle bearing that assures high RPM without noise or mainshaft damage (like cheap bushings cause). The neoprene seal actually seals the grease in the needle bearing and keeps it from leaking onto the clutch. When used with GB 200 HD washer and GB 9020 Loctite you are assured of all the holding force needed for even the highest HP VW air-cooled engines. This is what we have used in our race and street cars for years with our wedgemated crank to flywheel without a single lost flywheel in over 30 years. Made in USA by Gene Berg Enterprises

GB 201F chrome moly gland nut

GB 202F chrome moly gland nut and washer set

Note: Never use a gland nut with a bushing as it will likely burn up and often squeal after a few thousand miles of use. When this occurs transaxle mainshaft damage is almost assured and replacement of the mainshaft is extremely costly.


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