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Oil Sumps » Oil Sumps - Technical Information
ALL higher performance VW air-cooled engines REQUIRE at least our 1-1/2 qt. sump. This means when you add even dual carbs, an 009 distributor and an extractor exhaust this should be next on your list. Why? The original stock system only provides enough oil for the RPM range, oil pump size, and acceleration rate of the factory stock engine, which is extremely slow. This allows the oil to be pumped through the system at such a slow rate that the spill off has time to return to the pickup tube, providing a continuous supply of oil.

With any higher performance engine it is a completely different story. Using more RPM, accelerating faster or a bigger than stock pump, a greater amount of oil is pumped up to the heads and the top end of the engine faster than it did stock. This oil cannot run by gravity back to the pick up tube fast enough to provide a continuous supply of oil. Sometimes this will not turn on the oil light, however, the pump can have some oil that is mixed with air, so no warning is present that you are having oil starvation. This is particularly prevalent when the oil is cold and/or too heavy of a weight is used in relationship to temperature.

All higher performing engines or one that is subjected to hard braking or cornering will also have greater "G" forces pinning the oil to the back or side of the engine. Also, any larger than the stock pump requires more oil sump capacity as it pumps more gallons per minute (GPM). If the larger pump increases pumping volume by only 2 GPM (some pumps increase volume over 10 GPM), where will that extra oil come from unless you have a larger capacity sump? You must have more total oil available in the engine for its demands. Even a lightweight flywheel on an otherwise stock engine can often accelerate fast enough to cause oil starvation. (Also see about gauges)

Why Berg oil sumps? First, we know what is needed, have developed and manufactured more than one design to supply the larger amounts of oil required when you accelerate the engine quicker, higher, corner harder, maintain high RPM and/or use an oversize pump. Berg's 1.5 and 3.5 quart sumps only reduce ground clearance about 1-3/4 inches from stock and are essential to stop oil starvation. Even a stocker used for extra hard cornering should use the 1.5-quart sump. The 3.5-quart has been developed for maximum protection for the higher performing street cars that turn over 6000 RPM especially if a larger oil pump is used. They can be used in many race applications. Berg's 4 quart sump is specifically designed for drag racers. All Berg sumps clear our street and competition headers and traction bar mounts.

The 1.5 and 3.5 quart sumps have special cut-outs to allow simple fast installation with a socket. All of our sumps use the standard VW plate and gaskets and are the strongest sumps made! Thicker wall and mounting flanges on the top and bottom along with special Berg installation nuts that provide more support, strength and mount to the factory case studs through our exclusive 3/8" thick flange providing the strongest product in the marketplace.

Berg sumps are all made in the USA from 357 prime aluminium, heat treated to T6, pressure tested to assure you of a leak free product, and precision machined on the latest computer controlled machining centers. We provide the correctly sized steel pickup tube with our sump. Many people have copied our product so do not be fooled or ripped off by inferior foreign impostors that often leak or break at the slightest impact. Some suppliers sell their inferior copies for far more than one of our quality sumps. Make sure it has the Gene Berg name cast in the part or buy it direct, but don't leave home without your Berg sump. Made in USA by Gene Berg Enterprises since 1962.


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