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About Full Flow Oil Filtering » Warning
1. We do not sell or ever recommend using combination filter/pumps in any high performance engine due to the loss of required flow and extreme oil overheating which occurs when the hot cylinder head air is blown directly onto the filter.

2. We do not sell or ever recommend using any pump/cover combination that has both the inlet and outlet on the pump/cover due to loss of normal flow. You simply cannot take oil out and return it in the same small space without a great flow loss. See GB 239-241B and GB 246-248B for the correct way to make a full flow installation.

3. We do not sell or ever recommend using a cast iron body pump (such as Melling etc.) in the air cooled VW due to improper expansion rate as compared to the magnesium case. It normally provides far too much pressure when cold and not enough pressure due to leakage around the case hole when hot. It is common for them to suck air around the pump body from the cam gear area. This air in the oil radically reduces oiling ability, yet will not turn on the warning light.


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