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5 Speed Conversion Kit

    Note 1: We can convert either keyed or splined pinion or mainshaft. The mainshaft conversion to keyed requires extra modification at additional cost. See LA TRANS025. Additional cost to convert splined to keyed for 5 speed.

    B5S711 Socket for tightening the special nut on the end of the modified 5 speed pinion and mainshaft.

     Product Name   Description   MSRP Price   Our Price+   Cash Price 
     B5S 1000  B5S1000 The Berg-5 conversion includes, lengthening your main and pinion shafts (or new ones that you purchase), a new Berg intermediate and shift housing, all new 5 speed selector rods, 2 special GB 667 keys for 5th gear, extra thrust washer for 5th, 5mm 5th shift fork, 5th stop washer, special pinion and mainshaft nuts, shift housing gasket, a special 8mm nut, all needed nuts, bolts, washers that do not come from the VW box, and copyrighted instructions. Also required (at additional charge) are a GB 643F (or appropriate mount for your year vehicle)rubber mount or GB 640 weld in mount and a Berg 5 speed shifter. SW 24# Kits available now.   $2.00   $1,995.00   $1,995.00 
     B5S 105  Nose cone gasket   $2.86   $2.00   $2.00 
     B5S 111  Older style Hockey stick   $157.30   $110.00   $110.00 
     B5S 112  NEW STYLE HOCKEY STICK FROM 2018 ONWARDS.   $134.90   $95.00   $95.00 
     B5S 125  OLD STYLE BREATHER   $15.55   $10.95   $10.95 
     B5S 126  Vent breather for 5 speed trans.   $12.07   $8.50   $8.50 
     B5S 127  CUT BREATHER HOSE FOR 5 SPEED   $11.29   $7.95   $7.95 
     B5S 135  COMPLETE BREATHER HOSE   $24.85   $17.50   $17.50 
     B5S 150  MODIFIED FAG MAINSHAFT BEARING   $248.50   $175.00   $175.00 
     B5S 240-5  5MM STEEL FORK FOR 5 SPEED   $85.13   $59.95   $59.95 
     B5S 370  5 speed washer   $27.89   $19.50   $19.50 
     B5S 660-3875U  GOOD USED 3.875 R&P MODIFIED FOR 5 SPEED (Gleeson) SW# 11   $1.00   $1.00   $1.00 
     B5S 660-4125U  GOOD USED R&P MODIFIED FOR 5 SPEED SW# 11   $1.00   $975.00   $975.00 
     B5S 660-4375  NEW 4.37 R&P MODIFIED FOR 5 SPEED. SW# 11   $1.00   $750.00   $750.00 
     B5S 660-4375U  GOOD USED 4.37 R&P MODIFIED FOR 5 SPEED. SW# 11   $1.00   $750.00   $750.00 
     B5S 662U  GOOD USED 3.78/2.06 SUPER BEETLE MAINSHAFT MODIFIED FOR 5 SPEED.   $994.00   $700.00   $700.00 
     B5S 711  B5S711 Modified socket for tightening the special nut on the end of the modified 5 speed pinion and mainshaft.   $48.99   $34.50   $34.50 
     B5S 714  5 Speed Gear Puller SW #5   $111.25   $80.92   $80.92 
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