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Who Should Assemble Your Parts? » Who Should Assemble Your Parts?
We do not offer completed engines or transaxles or any mechanical assembly of them (except what is listed in the labor section of this catalog).

Consequently, we are continually asked to recommend someone to do such work. So here is our recommendation; YOU should do it. If you have any kind of mechanical skills, a few hand tools, access to a floor jack and are using all of our parts, you should have no problem producing satisfactory results. We know our products work and fit, plus the fact that we provide required instructions, which are understandable for the novice. We do not believe you can pay someone to take the care with your engine assembly that you will.

Our agreement with our customers that buy all (or mostly all) of their parts for the project from us, is to provide complete and total support all the way through the project. We know what works with what and as long as those combinations are used it is relatively simple to do.

We do have complete engine kits available that can be selected or you can fashion yours after one of these kits. It is highly recommended that our GB 801-SET be purchased and read cover to cover. This set includes our Book of Instructions so you can read them before you start the project and determine if you are capable of doing the job.

When ordering, the customer tells us what he/she can or cannot do at the start, so we can work through those items before the parts are shipped.

If this is a `first time ever project', it is suggested that the appropriate Bentley factory workshop manual (GB 809-838) be purchased which covers the stock assembly and schematics. Warning: Do not rely on any other publication for proper stock assembly or installation practices.

Once received, the customer must trial assemble the engine while going through the instructions again, compiling a list of questions that can be covered in one phone call. Then, whatever problems arise, we can talk you through them step by step.

We have worked this way with countless customers for years (including some young ladies that had never built an engine), with completely satisfactory results. One rewarding thing about this is that you personally know your vehicle's working parts and can maintain the vehicle, providing maximum life for years to come.

Partial labor can be done to serve you as well. Some people may require only to set the endplay and install the crank/cam gears. Many of these services are listed in the labor section of this catalog as a normal shop service.

If there is any labor function on engines or transaxles not listed that you are not sure we can provide, please ask. We are here to support you in keeping your VW alive.

Should you choose not to do the work yourself, you will at least be educated enough with our information, to talk intelligently to a local mechanic. You can determine if he/she is capable of doing your work and providing the results you can afford and desire.

Please be very clear that we do not provide our information to make others wrong. It is to share what we have proved over and over will work, with the best results and the best possible return on your investment.


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