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How To Know When Your Engine Is Hot. » How To Know When Your Engine Is Hot? - Technical Information
Or should it be, how hot is hot? How hot is your oil? Over 230F? This can cause case studs to pull out, head and case sealing surfaces to warp, cases to be internally distorted, permanent case metal fatigue and engine bearings to wear prematurely.

Here's the answer! This slick little temperature sensor goes into the dipstick hole and hooks up to the oil light switch. It takes just a minute and can be done by anyone who can check the oil. Simply remove the dipstick and install the temperature sensor in its place. Install the wire ends and hook the wire to your oil pressure light switch. When the temperature reaches about 225F, your oil light flickers. Hotter temperature turns the light on steady. Low or no oil pressure still lights up your oil light in the normal manner. When the light flickers, slow down until it goes out. If the light continues to flicker, check your oil level. If problems continue, carb jets and timing should be checked and corrected.

Possibly, a larger main jet is needed. If you have all of the correct corresponding components, the CR in relationship to the gas octane is correct, and temperatures are still a problem, get GB 801-COOLING and GB 801-CR. We have spent years on R & D for the proper way to do this and do not have cooling problems with any properly built engine.


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