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"Ship To" Address

Some customers wish to have parts shipped to one place, but have all literature and invoices mailed to another location. This is no problem except when you use a credit card. We can only ship to the same location that the credit card is billed to. We cannot drop ship when you use a credit card. In this instance use Paypal or payment by check. Also most credit card companies will allow you to keep additional addresses on file with them which we can then use.

A One Time "Ship To"

Shipping to a one time only address is no problem. However, you must tell us immediately after you give us your order when the invoice is first started, as it is in the first group of data on the screen. Once we start posting parts we cannot get back to it without saving the invoice and recalling it into a different menu to make the change.

Customer Number Deletion

If your account with us remains inactive for two complete years, we will delete you from our system to provide room for new and active customers. This may actually be closer to three years, depending upon your last purchase. Once we have deleted you from the system, we will have to re-enter you again.

Minimum Charge

We do not have a minimum order policy. Please note that all orders are charged a $5.00 handling fee + shipping. The only exceptions are any GB 800 instructions, GB 801 articles, GB 801-SET (both), then no handling fee is added. 

We appreciate notification of any address change. We will update your customer records (if any) and your mailing records. Remember, these two types of records are completely separate. If you telephone, call 714/998-7502 during our previously listed specified hours.

Shipping - No Freight Allowance

All orders are shipped UPS Ground, unless you specify another method such as truck, Priority Mail, Parcel Post, Air Freight, etc. Any out of country orders requiring special documentation will be charged accordingly for the time required to prepare them.

All COD orders are sent for cash or cashier's check only. No exceptions. Please don't ask! Prepaid orders not accompanied by enough freight deposit will be sent COD for the remainder (if out of the country, we must wait for the remainder to arrive). No exceptions. When you choose to order by the prepaid method, and the order is called or sent in prior to the money being received, we are not responsible for a delivery date. Please state money is on the way when placing your order or it will be sent out COD. To ensure a quick delivery and no duplications, when placing an order in advance over the phone, ask for the invoice number and include it with your payment, stating the order is awaiting funds.

Post Office Shipments

Post Office shipments must be prepaid or charged to your credit card, no COD's. A labor charge of $5.00 per invoice is levied to partially recover extra costs incurred for travel time, standing in line, filling out special forms, etc. Any outside USA address that requires filling out additional special paperwork is charged as per the extra time required. We strongly recommend using UPS any time you can. Remember, all postal shipments require full payment in advance or must be put on a credit card. Again, NO COD's.

Shipping Weights

Listed as (S W_#)

Each part weighing over 1 pound is marked in our catalog/price sheet with a SW _#. The only exceptions are VW line code items - weights are not available. The approximate shipping weight (SW _#) will allow you to calculate the approximate shipping. Some items are rounded up to the closest pound and when combined with other items the actual shipping weight may be slightly less.

Time To Ship

Most (98%) of the `on the shelf' orders that are received by 2:00 p.m., our time, are shipped within 24 hours (excluding weekends). All, but special orders or complete engine kits, are shipped within 48 hours from the time we receive your order. Should there be any deviation from this, we will tell you the availability of the parts and shipping time when you place your order. 

Parts which require labor, such as special gears, crankshafts, cylinder heads, etc. will take longer. If you have time considerations, it is your responsibility to check this out when placing the order. Special ordered parts may not be cancelled once you have ordered them, unless work has not begun on the part, when you request a cancellation. A 100% deposit is required on all special orders.

California Sales Tax

There is no sales tax when we ship merchandise to another state or outside the USA. California dealers must fill out and send us a resale form to be kept in our files. This SIGNED resale form must be in our files at the time of sale, a FAX signed copy is temporarily OK until we receive the signed original for our files, otherwise the current California sales tax rate will be charged at the current Orange County rate. This includes COD orders. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Customs and Duty Charges

All orders shipped outside of the USA may be subject to customs and duty charges. Each country has their own percentage to be charged on the goods shipped. This charge is totally out of Gene Berg's hands and we no control over any fees incurred. You may want to check with your Import/Export department on this subject matter.

Notification of Shipment

Your invoice is mailed/emailed the same day your order is shipped. This is a notification of shipment only, so you will know we have shipped the merchandise. The invoice is date and time stamped on the bottom when it is shipped. This is not a bill for payment. We go to the added work and expense of this mailing so you will know when your merchandise leaves our building. Should the carrier lose or delay your package, you will know we did our job. If you have a problem let us know as soon as possible so we can trace your shipment and resolve any further delays.



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