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About Our Part Numbers

Our NCR tower, Mac Donald computer system has three spaces for an identifying line code. This line code can use any combination of letters or numbers. Sometimes we use only one or two letters with blank space(s) in the second and third position. It's only necessary to give us the letter or letters, not the blank spaces in a line code. Next comes the actual number: up to twelve numbers, letters or signs. Every dot, dash, letter, space and sign is part of the total part number. The complete part number must be used for it to display at the terminal. We do not always remember the way they are stored in the computer. If you do not give us the exact listed number, we may have to re-key it with different combinations to find what you want or to stop and look up the information in the catalog and that will take longer to process your order. For the benefit of both you and I, please make every effort to give accurate numbers. Also, remember line codes such as VW, VWA and VWB may have the same part number with different prices or availability.


GB 084-CORE Note: Space in line code. Remember you do not need to give the line code space when ordering.

VW 113-105-209 Note: VW line code is for Genuine German/Mexican factory parts.

VWA113-105-209 Note: VWA line code is for After market VW parts not made by the factory

VWB113-105-209 Note: VWB line code is for Genuine VW Brazilian factory parts.

VWB0401010651H Note: No dashes. Complete VW head Hemi cut.

Note: Spaces and hyphens in each part number are critical. Don't forget to give the line code.

We've Got Your Number

From time to time people use another companies or person's customer number to purchase parts from us. This is not wise as you pay the same price as they do. We would much rather keep your personal records straight and complete. Further, if you call simply for free advice and ask for assistance claiming to have our parts, our first requirement is that you give us YOUR customer and invoice number(s). We then verify that the information is true. If YOUR story does not match YOUR sales history we tend to get VERY short about helping you. We are dedicated to helping our customers with products purchased from us. We have tested our parts and we can assist you. However, we cannot give advice on products that we have not sold or which you cannot prove you bought from us.

Ordering Hint

When placing an order you will be asked; how you wish the order shipped, if the order is to be shipped COD, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover,�PayPal ([email protected]) or sending funds. Next, we will need your charge card information, if required. After that we are ready for you to order the parts. Please give the part number first, then quantity.

Mail In Ordering Information

When sending money with your order, the safest way is by cashier's check, money order or certified check, payable in U.S. funds. We wait 10 working days for all personal and company checks to clear our bank (shipment will therefore be delayed by that length of time). If there is any overpayment or we are unable to fill your order completely, you will receive a refund check, or be notified of a credit pending. You may also request that your order be sent COD for cash, or charged to a Visa or MasterCard. Be sure to supply your card number, expiration date, the exact name, card billing address and the issuing bank of the card.

Phone Ordering Information

99% of our orders are placed by phone and sent out C.O.D. Visa or MasterCard. Phone, Fax and email orders are welcome. When placing your COD order we will tell you the availability of the items and the total of the parts (this will not include the shipping/handling charges). We can give you the exact amount of the parts on the invoice and the approximate amount for shipping/handling. Shipping/handling will not be exact until the packaging is completed and weighed. Due to the fact that UPS no longer accepts cash, all customers placing C.O.D. orders will be called with an exact total after the order has been shipped, so that a money order or cashier's check can be obtained. You may also call 714/998-7502 the day after placing your order.

Credit Card users are not charged until the parts leave our building (except on special orders).

Attention Credit Card Users - FYI

All credit card orders are shipped only to the address of the cardholder and users will be required to furnish the following information at the time of each purchase: Credit card number, expiration date, three digit security code located on the backside of your card, your daytime phone number, cardholders name as listed on the card, the card billing address, cardholder's daytime phone number if not the same as the person ordering.

We verify every order utilizing a card as the method of payment with the credit card company to make sure all information matches prior to the shipment of your order.


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