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Open your packages immediately when you receive them. All sales are final at the time of sale. As a service to our customers we allow returns up to 15 days from the date of sale, only with our return authorization (RA) number. Return authorizations are issued upon request and approval. They are good for 15 days from the date of issue. After that date they are cancelled and will not be re-issued. The sale is considered closed and final.

No returns allowed on any electrical, special orders, installed or altered parts. All returns are subject to a 20% restocking and handling charge regardless of condition. The customer must bear the cost of shipping and COD. (These charges will not apply if they result from our error). Be responsible about what you order because it saves us both time and money. Absolutely no returns or exchanges other than stated above. DO NOT ASK.

Damaged Goods

Our shipping employees are packaging professionals and have done everything possible to properly package your shipment. However, we have no control over the carrier's handling of the merchandise. Any shipping damage must be reported to the carrier. If a package arrives damaged, list the damage on the carrier's sheet when you sign for it. Keep all boxes and packaging material we provided. This way their claim agent can verify we did our job properly. This increases your chance of receiving a fast, fair replacement. Without the box and packaging material we used, you may not get any replacement or reimbursement.


Our checking system is extensive and we are proud that we have only been responsible for minimal packaging problems. We use 2 to 3 separate people for pulling, re-checking, and packaging your order. We monitor our packaging area with a video security system to assure you of receiving what you pay for. We keep these tapes for a period of 15 days from the date shipped, at which time they are recycled. This means that no claim of shortages will be considered after 15 days unless the order was shipped out of the country by surface mail. Our video has also been a valuable tool for freight damage claims as we can show how well we package our parts.

Always check to see that our `Gene Berg Has It All' tape is sealing the package. If not, or covered over with clear tape, mark the shippers records to that affect when signing for the package, just in case it has been opened and you have a shortage.


Our computer keeps track of all backorders for 30 days. After that time they are deleted from the system without notice.

When available, we will notify you by mail. You have two weeks to tell us you want the part. If we receive no response, the backorder is automatically cancelled.

If you choose to cancel a backorder any time before availability, just let us know and we will cancel it, except special orders.

It is your responsibility not to duplicate orders by reordering unless you wish more on backorder. Each backorder is kept separately.

If we do not have a delivery date within 30 days when placing the order, we will not backorder that item - Please Reorder.


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