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The Berg 3 Pucker » The Berg 3 Pucker - Technical Information
Why did we design and build a 3 puck? After extensive R & D on clutches starting in the early 70's, continuing to date, I discovered clutch disc (puck) weight had a devastating effect on the shifting time and Trans life. I experimented with full circle, 6 pucks, 4 pucks, 3 pucks and 2 pucks powdered iron discs of all thicknesses and weights. The Berg 3 puck disc allowed faster shifts and yet had far better holding power than 4 or more pucks and the 2 puck was far too violent.

We engineered these discs with the same rotating weight as stock so they do not override the transmission syncro rings or Pro shift parts (like the 4 or more puck does) while waiting for the disc to slow down to allow shifting into the next gear. More than 3 pucks created weight which causes the syncros and Pro gears to suffer badly. Three also provides more PSI holding pressure without increasing pedal pressure.

These units resist overheating, oil contamination and still get you through. If you glaze them, you simply sand flat again and re-install. Soft rivets are installed so they can be used down to 8mm thickness before repadding. Rarely will these 3 puckers distort the flywheel or pressure plate. In fact, we find so little distortion we simply regrind our pressure plate flat and re-install it.

This gives maximum service for minimum dollars. We have used the same GB 102 disc in our race program for years of racing. Velvetouch ceramic button clutch discs are the ultimate rough service units available. For race use only with solid mounts. They will "not" give smooth starting or shifting in a street car with rubber engine mounts.

We are often asked, "What about the stock fabric type lining?" For many applications this is fine, however when high RPM is achieved you often blow this lining apart at the rivets. Some companies bond a different composition lining material onto the Marcel and then rivet through it. This is often called a Cush Lok, Air Lok, Pro Grip and even the Kevlar disc. When we tested this combination, we continually had slippage and had to resurface the distorted flywheel and pressure plate or replace some of the parts as much as twice at one race.

Any slippage on a fabric disc will burn, warp and distort the pressure plate and flywheel needlessly. Remember if you destroy a wedgemated flywheel it will be extremely expensive to replace it. For that reason we don't use or recommend any fabric disc other than genuine VW or our new space age materials in any street or racecar application. Not recommended to be used with our GB 098-1700 or GB 098L-1700, 1700 lb. pressure plates. Made in USA by Gene Berg Enterprises Originated by Don Ruckman in 1974.

GB 101 180mm 3 Puck SW 3#

GB 102 200mm 3 Puck SW 4#

GB 102-REPAD Replace pucks on GB 101 or GB 102 disc, includes parts and labor.


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