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VW Rods » Modified Bugpack Rods
We have taken the raw rod sets from Bugpack and done the machine work on them in house. First, we install a quality SPS rod bolt that is a much higher strength than any of the bolts Bugpack offers. Next, the big end is properly sized in the bore. The sides are then machined to provide the proper width and chamfer. We line bore the pin bushing and finish hone it to size. The rods are then clearanced for use on 86mm cranks and precision balanced in a set of 4. These rod are fine for high performance street engines that turn up to 7500 RPM, however, should not be used for race applications without installing the Carrillo quality rod bolts.

These forgings are a quality product almost as good as a Carrillo. They fall far short in the bolt area. Naturally, you ask why not just put Carrillo bolts in. To install the Carrillo rod bolt would be cost prohibitive without providing the same quality as the Carrillo rods. The forging is made in Red China, modifications and re-work to GB 194's are done in the USA by Gene Berg Enterprises Because availability is sporadic from Red China we may require that we reserve rod sets for our crankshaft customers at the time they buy the crankshaft from us. SW 7# per set.


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