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Oil Filler and Breather » Oil Filler and Breather -Technical Information
I am asked repeatedly about oil leak problems on a new engine when the parts are from our competition. It is extremely time consuming for us and about 50% of the questions are when people have replaced the stock VW filler with a closed off after market filler that has no vent system. The factory filler/vent system works fine. It has the vent tube to go to the air cleaner that is essential to the proper breathing of the engine. Remember, any time you can vent the crankcase into the air cleaners the better the system works. If you must add a breather make sure proper breathing is installed such as a Berg breather box. Be clear that all inexpensive after market oil fillers and/or breather boxes I have seen are simply a holding box for oil, do not breathe properly, vacuum, separate the air from the oil properly, and then return it into the engine under deceleration.


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